Assessment Services


MediTract is the market leader at providing compliance program effectiveness review services. We will help your contracting processes remain compliant in the midst of the ever-changing regulatory environment.

It is essential that you learn about any potential vulnerabilities and inefficiencies in your contracting practices, and we will offer you best practices and recommendations to remediate any identified gaps. MediTract’s assessment services are exclusive to current customers.

Upon completion of an assessment, MediTract summarizes the findings and, if any gaps are identified, delivers a remediation plan to your primary stakeholders.

Compliance Program Effectiveness Reviews

Compliance Program Effectiveness Review Services

MediTract provides compliance program effectiveness review services. Our healthcare experts will compare your corporate compliance activities to the seven elements of an effective compliance program as delineated by the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General. Our approach to this engagement includes meeting with your organization’s governance, audit or compliance committee, reviewing your current compliance program documentation, attending compliance committee meetings, interviewing the chief compliance officer and select senior leaders and employees, and presenting a summary report of findings to the governance, audit or compliance committee.

Physician Arrangement GAP Assessment

Physician Arrangement GAP Assessment

A Physician Arrangement GAP Assessment is very similar to the monitoring and auditing function that the Department of Health and Human Services recommends as a component of an effective or model compliance program.

MediTract’s healthcare experts will assess a random sample of physician arrangements or agreements and compare it to the essential compliance elements we recommend be contained within these agreements. Following the conclusion of the Physician Arrangement GAP Assessment, MediTract will prepare an invaluable summary report of our findings to help you focus on specific areas of improvement to meet all the latest regulatory requirements.

Focus Arrangements Assessment

Focus Arrangements

Our team can provide a thorough review and analysis of your organization’s focus arrangements practices to ensure conformance with accepted best practices, regulatory requirements, specified standards and structured terms of service.

Contract Process Assessment

Contract Process

Our team can provide a thorough review and analysis of your organization’s contractual practices to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, governance measures, metrics and documentation.

Operational Assessment

Operational Assessment

Our team can provide a thorough review and analysis of your organization’s contracting practices to determine if any inconsistencies exist between your current deployment of the MediTract service and your stated objectives and protocols. MediTract will also assess your database usage and structure to ensure adherence with established best practices.