Compliance Solutions

Healthcare Compliance & Contract Management Software Solutions

The MediTract suite of software solutions helps hospitals apply best practices to their contract management efforts  and compliance policies and procedures to proactively minimize exposure to financial and legal risks and achieve operational efficiencies that impact the hospital’s bottom-line.

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Process Manager is the only contract lifecycle management solution and automated workflow solution just for healthcare providers. The end-to-end SaaS (software as a service) platform allows hospitals to start compliance mitigation efforts before contracts are executed by allowing them to control contracting workflows across their health systems. By automating the creation, revision, routing, reviews, and approval of contracts Process Manager can reduce contract approval times from weeks to mere days.

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Contract Library is a contract repository software solution exclusively for healthcare providers. One in four hospitals in the U.S. rely on Contract Library to centralize and manage their contracts and mitigate the compliance risks. This application is essential for monitoring suppliers and their contracts on an ongoing basis. Contract Library has customizable reporting, monitoring and notification features.

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Icon for MediTract's Time and Effort Record Management Service compliance solution


MediTract’s TERMS SaaS solution gives healthcare providers and physicians an easy-to-use online platform for reporting and managing physicians’ timesheets. TERMS simplifies the collection of timesheets, centralizing and securing access to restricted data. A reconciliation system minimizes the risk of non-compliance. This process is highly valued by physicians and especially effective for hospitals.

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Vendor Evaluation Forms™ (VEF) is an online survey software that helps you automate the complex process of evaluating clinical vendors. The software helps you track the completion of required forms, ensuring clinical vendors meet all required accreditation standards, and the software documents each physician’s response. VEF helps you ensure that suppliers and contracted services are meeting your expectations.

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Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statements™ (COIDS), a SaaS solution, streamlines the process of obtaining conflict of interest statements from physicians, executives, board members, purchasing agents, or other professionals within your health system. COIDs can be scheduled to occur at predetermined times, or they can be triggered by qualifying events.

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Accumulator™ is an innovative and simple SaaS solution that allows you to easily track perks, incentives, meals, business courtesies, and other gifts exchanged among parties. It helps ensure you are compliant with non-monetary compensation limitations and regulations.

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