Single Sign-On: Simplify User Login Processes while Achieving Security Compliance

What is Single Sign-On?

Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication, authorization, and access control built for environments where users normally access multiple applications every day. Its most basic function enables users to log in just once to gain entry to multiple applications.

Why Opt for SSO?

  • SSO improves the user experience during logins by making the process quick and easy.
  • SSO saves users time and increases productivity.
  • SSO improves compliance and security capabilities.
    • Managing users and user configurations for all associated applications is much easier.
    • Disabling access to shared vendor applications can be done more efficiently.
  • SSO facilitates B2B collaboration.
    • With SSO, you can centralize the management of authentication, and enable your users to log in once to instantly gain access to all shared vendor applications. In turn, this will allow users to perform their duties in a much more efficient way.

Single Sign-On Can Make It Easier for Your Users to Access MediTract!

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