Time and Effort Record Management Service

Time and Effort Record Management Service™

Easily monitor physicians’ time and effort and compare against their contracts by using MediTract’s TERMS solution.

Time tracking made simple and easy

TERMS is an easy-to-use, online timesheet solution for hospitals and physicians. Hospitals now have a solution that connects physicians’ time and contracts and mitigates overpayment and payment on expired contracts. MediTract’s healthcare experts will configure your TERMS timesheets by contract, activity and unit types.

Smartphone app for physicians

For on-the-go reporting, physicians can download the TERMS app to their smartphones. Physicians appreciate how simple and effortless it is to report their time and activities with TERMS.

Create a review and approval work flow

With the SaaS platform, your hospital can create a process that allows individuals to review and approve physicians’ timesheets and give a stakeholder from finance final approval rights. A physician’s contract in Contract Library™, MediTract’s contract management solution, is connected to his or her completed timesheet, so you can compare the contract against the time and activities worked.

Analytics that help you prepare for audits

By moving timesheets to an online platform, your hospital will be better prepared to comply with regulatory requirements. TERMS gives you full report writing capabilities to create an electronic audit trail, ensure you’re paying the physician appropriately, avoid payment on expired contracts and much more.


  • Gain access to MediTract’s healthcare experts
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Unlimited web-based training sessions
  • Free 24/7/365 access to MediTract’s local help desk support
  • Prove your reasonable compliance efforts
  • Online access that doesn’t require your IT team
  • Compliant with HIPAA
  • No user license fees
  • Free scheduled updates
  • Full report writing capabilities
  • SecurTract
  • Automated timesheet distribution and submission specific to your organization
  • Timesheet submission reminders for physicians
  • Transparency for physicians to see where their timesheet is in the approval process
  • Intuitive automation, little to no training needed for physicians
  • More concise and standardized time tracking and reporting