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Structured Compliance Program: Strengthening the Governance of Compliance in the Healthcare Industry

Posted By: Bret S. Bissey, MBA, FACHE, CHC, CMPE / August 21, 2014

With more than 16 million Americans getting their healthcare insurance in 2014, the healthcare industry is gearing up for a major transformation. The changing health requirements of these diverse demographics pose increased risks of non-compliance for healthcare organizations. To manage existing risks and coping with emerging challenges, healthcare professionals need to stay abreast of the turmoil in global regulatory landscape. Beyond which, interfacing with numerous regulatory bodies, accessing the right information at the right time, and scaling up the ladder of compliance with right technology has been intriguing the healthcare industry.

Join experts Bret S. Bissey, Senior Vice President of Compliance Services at Meditract and Shreyank Kamath, Product Manager at MetricStream at this webinar as they share their thoughts on the negative impact of outdated approach to compliance in organizations and ideas on implementing a well-structured compliance program with regulatory intelligence as a key component of the overall framework. The webinar will also have discussions on several other topics including:

  • Review of the seven elements of a compliance program with a discussion of critical attributes.
  • Key components of governance related to your compliance program.
  • Examples of pro-active vs. retroactive approaches to compliance.
  • Reputational risk of an organization not being compliant.
  • Leveraging right technology to track and monitor compliance across organization.

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Bret S. Bissey, MBA, FACHE, CHC, CMPE

Prior to joining MediTract, Mr. Bissey was the SVP, chief ethics and compliance officer at UMDNJ, where he successfully led the compliance program to adherence with a rigorous five-year Corporate Integrity Agreement with the DHHS/OIG that occurred following a Deferred Prosecution Agreement. Prior to UMDNJ, Bissey served as the director of the Regulatory Compliance Practice at IMA Consulting, the chief compliance and privacy officer at Deborah Heart and Lung Center (operating under a CIA) and the VP of compliance at Cabot Marsh/QuadraMed. Mr. Bissey earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration and marketing from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in marketing and healthcare administration from Wilkes University. Mr. Bissey is a frequent national speaker on healthcare compliance and is the author of The Compliance Officer’s Handbook. He is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and a member of the Health Care Compliance Association (CHC), American College of Medical Practice Executives and the Healthcare Financial Management Association.